Can my child get a job and keep or still get disability benefits?

Can a person, with a disability, work and still receive benefits? This is the question I have asked for a few month now. It seems it is possible. Yet, it seems only possible, if you understand all the complicated criteria and restrictions.  I recently contacted a local social worker for assistance and she sent me the following information.   Thanks

Three Things taken Away From A College Day for Kids with Mobility Impairments

Three things taken away from college day – reprinted with permission from the Dallas Jr Wheelchair Mavs Facebook Page During your child’s freshman and sophomore years, get with a social worker at any facility your child receives medical care, TSRH (Texas Scottish Rite Hospital) or therapy.  Ask for information on DARS, ask for information regarding transition services in

Mels Path to Work – The Texas Department of Rehabilitation Services or DARS

I have looked into DARS services for about a year now.  DARS is The Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.  Their mission is to help Texans with disabilities and families with children who have developmental delays to improve the quality of their lives and enable their full participation in society.  What does not really mean?  Here is what

My Thougths About Blogging Today

Ok, so I’m not really sure where this will go but I can find all this information on the web from parents of younger kids and pages for adults to exchange information but very little on transitioning from high school to college or work when your child has a disability.  Especially if the child is only receiving 504