Spina Bifida – Walking by Age and Injury Level.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a working about spina bifida and gait. The following is a table from that presentation which indicates the age at which a child with spina bifida started and stopped walking based on the research project being reviewed.   Thoracic High Lumbar L1-L2 Mid Lumbar L3 Low Lumbar L4-L5 Sacral

How to choose a wheelchair

A greats fitting wheelchair is essential. You know your kid, you know your body. Active participation and yes sometimes insurance appeals are needed to assure you get what you need.

I still remember getting Mel’s first chair.  Read about it here: https://transitionalmoment.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/mels-first-wheelchair/


Pressure Sore – 18 Days of Restrictions

“Mom I have a sore again!” The most dreaded words ever!  Why?  Why?  Why?  Was my first thought. Deep despair, digs into my heart. Really.  “AGAIN!” I shout in my brain. I want to cry but I know I have to stop. Time to reorganize my brain and present the solid self, the one who

Drivers Education – What you can teach prior to the learning permit?

The following are skill that could be targeted prior to your child enrolling in driver’s education training or getting their learning permit. Finding your way around town using GPS Can your child find a desired location on a smart phone and/or GPS system? Can they use the information to get directions to that location? Can they direct

Three Things taken Away From A College Day for Kids with Mobility Impairments

Three things taken away from college day – reprinted with permission from the Dallas Jr Wheelchair Mavs Facebook Page During your child’s freshman and sophomore years, get with a social worker at any facility your child receives medical care, TSRH (Texas Scottish Rite Hospital) or therapy.  Ask for information on DARS, ask for information regarding transition services in

Mel’s Perception of Mel

All blogs, all posts are random thoughts.  One chooses to recall what impacts them.   It does not matter if the memory is recent or years earlier.  All posts are memories of perception. Mel and I are sitting in Braums.  Probably with Coleman and Shandra.  She was young, but had to be at least in kindergarten.  Braums is